VENETEX VS-R45 remote control panel works now with Panasonic AV-HS410

VENETEX Corporation, CEO Tetsushi Abe announced that
VS-R45 with the new firmware version 4.01 is possible to support Panasonic AV-HS410.

The firmware version 4.01 is available on VENETEX Home Page.
For the upgrade of your VS-R45, please download this firmware version 4.01 to your PC from VENETEX Home Page.
Also, it is mandatory to download the plug-in software from Panasonic Home Page and install this plug in to your Panasonic switcher.

The AV-HS410 kit is included as the supplied accessory of VS-R45 from the March 2012 production.

For the detail, please refer to VENETEX Home Page.